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Made of
 80% recycled paper and cardboard


2024 RATES

Price per figure: €140 (shipping costs included to Spain). Please, contact to check shipping price for other countries or for shipping more than one figure.

The price includes personalized customization of the collar or sweater.

What do I need?


  • Essential 6 photos like the ones shown here, with the following profiles (front, right, left, behind, below and above)

  • They must be made at the height of the pet, without the head resting anywhere (bed, sofa...).

  • Avoid very close shots, since camera lenses alter the dimensions of the heads and snouts.

  • They must have good quality and front lighting.

  • The pet should appear, if possible, with its ears in the position you want them to be in the figure (same position in all photos).

  • The images must be from the same time, not many years apart, since the features and hair colors change.


I will need a video like this, where I can see the dog/cat's head from all angles, with good lighting:


  1. Only short-haired dogs and cats of any breed are carried out.

  2. Each figure is between 20 - 30 cm tall, approximately, depending on the breed

  3. Figures of deceased animals are not made, unless photos and videos as required are available.

  4. Only orders that meet the required photos, with optimal quality, and the video will be accepted.

  5. Delivery dates are not guaranteed, since the processing time will depend on the volume of work, so orders are not made for specific dates (birthdays, holidays, etc.)

  6. The figures are unique and completely handmade pieces, so they will have asymmetries and irregularities.

  7. The final finish of the piece is aged (vintage effect), with texture and semi-gloss waxing.

The figures are not exactly like pets, they only have a certain similarity, but I will try to achieve as much resemblance as possible.

How to make and order? 

Send an email to with the name of your furry friend, the PHOTOS and the VIDEO

I will evaluate the photos received and, if they meet the requirements, you will enter the waiting list and I will contact you by email

If you have any questions or need more information, write to or send me a message through my Instagram account @amfigures, where you can see some of the work done and its creation process.

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