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- Unique pieces made entirely handmade

- Standard size: between 20 and 30 cm in height, approx. (according to race). 
Possibility of making figures to custom size. Consult previously price and viability.

RATES 2022

- Price per figure: €130 (shipping costs included to Europe*)

*Consult shipping price for other areas or for shipping more than one figure.

The price of the figures includes personalized customization such as necklace, martingale or wool jersey.

Both dogs and cats can be made, no matter the race, as long as they are short-haired.

El acabado es texturizado, envejecido (vintage) y encerado, dándoles un aspecto semibrillante.


Medida estándar: entre 20 y 30 cm de altura, aprox. (según raza). Posibilidad de realizar figuras a tamaño personalizado. Consultar previamente precio y viabilidad.



El tiempo de elaboración variará dependiendo del volumen de trabajo que tenga en el momento. Consultar previamente para saber el tiempo estimado de entrega.

Se enviarán fotos durante el proceso pudiendo realizar pequeños cambios o mejoras a petición del cliente, siempre y cuando sea posible.



Las reservas podrán realizarse mientras la agenda esté abierta. En ese momento, se debe enviar un email ( con el nombre de la mascota y las fotos con los perfiles necesarios. Una vez revisado el correo, se contacta con el cliente para informarle de si es o no viable realizar la figura de la mascota y de cuál podría ser la fecha estimada de entrega. Llegados a un acuerdo, se procede a realizar la reserva. La reserva* implica el pago del 50% del total de la figura. Una vez efectuado el pago, quedará formalizado el encargo.


*El cliente puede solicitar la anulación de la reserva y se le devolverá el importe, siempre y cuando la figura todavía no se haya empezado a elaborar.

For the elaboration of the busts, photos with the following profiles and specifications are required:


- Be made at the height of the pet, standing or sitting (not lying down).
- Avoid very close shots, as they alter the dimensions of the heads and snouts.
- They must have good front lighting and the highest possible resolution.
- The pet must appear with the ears in the desired position in the figure and, if possible, they must not have their mouths open.
​- The photos must be from the same period, not many years apart, since the features and hair colors change.

The figures are never exact to the pets, since I work with flat images and with lighting that varies from one photo to another and prevents from appreciating the real details of the animal, but I will try to achieve the closest possible resemblance.

Likewise, they will always present some asymmetries and irregularities. As an annex, more photos of the pet and even a video can be added.


The processing time is approximately 7-10 days. Shipping will depend on the destination country, being in Spain 2-3 working days and 5-6 days to the rest of Europe, except on special dates such as local and national holidays and Christmas dates.

For special orders that you want to give away on specific dates, such as birthdays or Christmas, it will be necessary to previously consult well in advance if it is feasible to carry out the order or not, since it will depend on the volume of work that can be delivered on the indicated date.

The customer is informed of the estimated delivery time depending on the waiting list at the time.

Photos will be sent during the process and small changes or improvements may be made at the customer's request, as long as it is possible.


Reservations can be made while the schedule is open. At that time, an email must be sent ( with the name of the pet and the photos with the necessary profiles. Once the mail has been reviewed, the client is contacted to inform him of whether or not it is feasible to make the figure of the pet and what the estimated delivery date could be. Once an agreement is reached, the reservation is made. The reservation* implies the payment of 50% of the total figure. Once the payment has been made, the order will be formalized.

*The client can request the cancellation of the reservation and the amount will be refunded, as long as the figure has not yet begun to be elaborated.


Payment can be made by Bizum, Paypal or bank transfer. The first payment of 50% will be made, as explained in the previous point, to formalize the reservation and, the second, will be made once the figure is finished and prior to its shipment.

                       10% of the profits obtained will go to associations and animal protectors



You can see images of some figures on my Instagram account: @amfigures

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